We Asked: You Voted


Thanks to everybody who participated in our last feedback poll. It rocks that so many of you weighed in with your opinions.

Here are the results. The things you want to see more of on this site are:

1. More free media from iTunes: TV, movies, etc.
We'll immediately expand our free postings to include ALL free content on iTunes, not just the music.

2. More sweepstakes for free iTunes $$!
Our sweepstakes will keep going on a weekly basis. Drawings every Friday. Maybe you'll be the next winner!

3. More introductions to new artists and songs (like Feist, Kate Nash, Finger Eleven, etc.)
We spend a lot of time highlighting artists that are great values, but little time promoting new artists. We will dedicate a little more time to this in the future. But the focus will still be on the free stuff!

Thanks for your opinions. And if you have any other comments, feel free to e-mail us at freeitunesmusic (@) gmail (dot) com.

What next?

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