Do You Like Rock Music?


If you're like me, you've listened to the new Arcade Fire album about three million times at this point. You've mastered the delicate art of keeping the car running while no cars go, and you've secretly cranked out the beginning of "Intervention" at your church. It's still brilliant, but it's growing a little stale. So what else can you listen to?

For all of you Arcade Fire fans out there, let me suggest British Sea Power as a suitable alternative. Their newly-released album, "Do You Like Rock Music" has received universal acclaim from critics. Plus, it has all of the epic, sweeping, ethereal soundscapes that you look for from Arcade Fire. Their lyrics are just complex enough to be intriguing, and this indie band packs stadiums in the UK.

As a sampler, I recommend downloading the track "Waving Flags". Listening to it feels a bit like you're caught in an angry thunderstorm. Even if you don't like rock music, there's a chance you might by the end of the track...

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