Juno Soundtrack sets world record for quirkiness


I finally saw this "Juno" movie everybody's been raving about. And now I understand it's strange power over all of my friends. I'm so ready to go out and buy some converse shoes and a telephone shaped like a hamburger. Because that's what quirky people do.

The music of Juno is just as quirky as the movie itself. None of the singers try too hard, lest they be perceived uncool. In fact, rather than singing many of the artists seem to talk melodically. The instrumentation is all kept to an absolute minimum.

Kimya Dawson, who scores six songs on the soundtrack, serves to remind us that even though the world is totally messed up, we can still revel in its quirky pleasures. On "Loose Lips", she tells us that even if we want to cut, burn, or kill ourselves, to remember that she loves us. "Call me up before your dead, we can make some plans instead. Send me an IM, I'll be your friend." Aww, that's so sweet.

The Juno soundtrack has been in the iTunes top 10 for...well basically forever now. Pick up your quirky copy this week.

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