Mika's 'Happy Ending' includes disembodied hands


It's too bad the Grammy's, and even the VMAs, have neglected the "weirdest music video" category. I say this, because surely Mika's "Happy Ending" video would win it.

What did the pitch meeting for this video look like?

Producer: "So, we'll have you sleeping in a seven year old's room, and your stuffed animals will start singing to you. Then a balloon will grab you and suck you into Earth's orbit where, while wearing a hot pink blazer, you'll be serenaded by disemodied hands doing that face-talking thing from 'Labryinth'. Oh, and your shoes will be untied the entire time. It'll be a classic!"

Mika: "My shoes are untied the entire time? Do you really think people will buy that?"

Producer: "Good point. Okay, we'll make it a dream sequence then."

Trippy music video aside, you'll remember Mika from his hit "Grace Kelly" earlier this summer. In the US, he sort of disappeared off of that, but in the UK, the album went on to spin off a gazillion more #1 hits. Yes, a gazillion.

Mika himself is kind of awesome. He was an opera singer, who woke up one day and decided to go pop. All of the songs themselves have a timeless quality which will last in your music collection.

Pick up Mika's "Life in Cartoon Motion" for $7.99 on iTunes today.

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