Free iTunes Music Tuesday: 2.5.2008


Welcome to New Music Tuesday! Buckle up, and hold onto your butts - iTunes has pulled out all of the stops this week.

1. Yael Naim - "Far Far"
Ever since Yael's tune "New Soul" was featured in the MacBook Air commercial, her album has been burning up the charts. To tease us even further, iTunes is offering a sweet track that's a wonderful showcase for Yael's voice in "Far Far".

Yael is reminiscent of Feist and Regina Spektor, but has a sound all her own. Of French-Israeli origin, Yael has burned up the charts in France for some time, and her light accent complements her fluttering, breathy voice perfectly.

"Far Far" is a can't-miss download.

You may also want to check out her intoxicating full album. Best $9.99 I've spent this year so far.

2. We the Kings - "Check Yes, Juliet"
We've talked about We the Kings before, because their full album has long been available at the iTunes store for bargain of $5.99.

They remain an exuberant, young, up-and-coming band. The single is undeniably catchy, capitalizing on a story of the singer passing Juliet a note asking some kind of "Do you like me? check one: yes/no" question.

If she checks yes, apparently they get to run around the city in joy, never to be torn apart again. Happy endings! Grab We The Kings free single, and cheap cheap cheap album.

3. Maya & Veze Skante - "Back to You"
Veze Skante is quickly emerging as a latino hip-hop star. iTunes says it best: "This laid-back, head-nodding funk attack gives Veze the chance to unleash verses at his most relaxed and seductive." Myra sounds great on the chorus as well.

Not to diminish the awesomeness of this free track, I have to share with you my favorite comment from the YouTube video of this song:

"I really like this song alot....it reminds me of my ex- man.....he's in prison know..we still cool and we write to each other all the time...dam but this song...I can't find the lyrics!!! I'm trying to send them to him.....but no luck!!! well happy new Year people!!! Much Love!!!!"

So there you have it. The song is good enough to send the lyrics to your man in prison. That's something special. Grab it for free this week.

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