Free iTunes TV Episodes


Only a couple of free iTunes TV stuff this week.

1. Dirty Jobs - Viewers' Choice Extra (17:16)
I love Mike Rowe's dirty jobs show. I watch it every time I'm bumming about my desk job and thinking fun it would be to work in construction or something like that. Out under the open sky. Mike always brings me back to Earth and reminds me that working outside pretty much sucks. This is a collection of favorite moments, bloopers, and outtakes.

2. The Naked Brothers - Three Shorts (around 1 minute each)
Wait, the Naked Brothers are a Nickelodeon band? Isn't that a slightly risque name for a band targeted at kids? Sure, you've got the Barenaked Ladies, and the New Pornographers, but they aren't purposefully going after the 3rd grade demographic. Anyway, these ill-named brothers who are also a band have some short episodes for free available.

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