In Honor of the New York Giants...


Last night was one of the best Superbowl games I have ever watched. That's how the game should be played. Tough. Smart. Physical. Great defense. Heart and determination. Never say die.

I'm thrilled to the pieces that the Giants pulled a huge upset. Don't get me wrong, I like Tom Brady, but I also love a great underdog story.

So, in honor of Eli Manning and his Giants, we bring you a few celebratory tracks:

1. Spoon - The Underdog
"You've got no fear of the underdog. That's why you will not survive." One of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite bands.

2. Death Cab For Cutie - We Looked Like Giants
True, it's mostly about making out with a girl in the back of his car, but when you get to the "We Looked Like Giants" part, you can throw your arms up and scream triumphantly.

3. Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight
I can just see the team listening to this pre-game to get themselves psyched up. Creepy, atmospheric, and utterly defiant.

4. Joey Scarbury - The Greatest American Hero
The Manning family has that unassuming, all-American quality, don't they? I'm bracing myself for the new wave of Peyton/Eli commercials. In the meantime, how about giving Eli a theme song? Let's see: from the 80's, a bit cheesy, yet triumphant. This is perfect!

5. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits - $7.99
The halftime show was boring but classic. And I was actually reminded that Tom Petty existed, and that some of his songs are good! $7.99 is pretty decent for an 18 track greatest hits album.

Congrats NYGiants!

What next?

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