Free iTunes Tuesday: 2/12/2008


Welcome to Free iTunes Tuesday! Got three new tracks for you this week, so let's just jump straight in, shall we?

1. Adele - Hometown Glory
I know that since the call came to boycott Amy Winehouse until she got help, we all faithfully put away our "Back to Black" CDs. Since then, we've had to come to terms with the gaping hole of neo-soul music that's left in our lives.

Well, the wait is over. Adele has heard your pleas, and has offered to fill in temporarily for Amy. There are some differences you're going to have to deal with: Adele is not anorexic by any stretch, her hair remains disturbingly close to her head rather than taking up residence in the upper stratosphere, and she behaves rather normally. All very new territory for us.

But the voice, ah....the voice. Whereas Amy's voice comes from a very guttural, no-nonsense place, Adele's soars. Her highs are brilliant, her lows smoky and intriguing. Her vocal acrobatics are quick and effortless, leaving you tingly with delight.

The free single track this week is reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson with a clamoring piano accompaniment. On its own, it's a little flat, but in the context of her upcoming album, it's breathtaking. Pick up Adele's "Hometown Glory" for free.
2. Addison Road - All That Matters
Christian bands like Addison Road really get on my nerves sometimes. Not because I'm not into Christian music or anything, but because they're deceptive.

I'll be driving late at night, scanning the radio. And I'll stop because I hear a pretty groovy song. It sounds like Maroon Five, except with a girl singing. It's pretty groovy. I start getting excited.

The lyrics seem pretty normal - classic love song stuff:
"Cause all that matters is
All that matters is

I know your love has set me free

And that’s all that matters to me"

That's awesome. She had low self-esteem, and then this guy came along and set her free. Cool! But then the last verse hits me like a ton of bricks:
"My life comes from the One
Who made the stars and brought the sun

He loves me more than these

So I don’t need another identity"

Wha? She was singing about God that whole time? Dang it! Those tricksters! I was robbed! Why do they do that? Why do they need to trick us all into loving the Lord?

It's like telling your friends for weeks that you've been seeing this great new guy who's perfect for you, and then you finally arrange a big dinner where they're all going to meet him, and you sit down alone and pull out a life-size cardboard cut-out of the big JC instead. And your friends are like, "huh?"

Well, I've warned you. And now that you know, you should pick up the track, because despite its lying ways, it is cute and catchy.

3. Santos de Los Angeles - The Sweetest Thing

Our last track comes from Santos. Santos is Mexican-born, but was raised in LA. This track has him doing his best Bob-Marley-meets-Latino-crooner. And truly after listening to this track you will believe that everything will be all right.

Grab "The Sweetest Thing" for free.

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