iTunes Free Music Tuesday: I Nine, Kelley Polar, and more...


Welcome to iTunes Free Music Tuesday. We've got an exciting one for you this week. One from an up and coming band that is going to be all over the radio in the next few months, one from a well-respected electronic artist, and a gorgeous track out of Mexico.

1. I Nine - Seven Days of Lonely
I looked everywhere and I wasn't able to figure out the origin of this band's inexplicable name. They are a quartet of a bunch of kids who grew up together in Atlanta. The female lead singer has an Avril Lavigne quality but sweeter. The backing guy musicians all look brooding with their long hair. Somebody plays the cello.

The point is, Cameron Crowe discovered these guys, put them on the ElizabethTown soundtrack a couple of years ago, and the rest is history. Their album drops soon and is going to be huge, so by picking up this single this week, you're totally ahead of the curve.

2. Kelley Polar - Entropy Reigns (In the Celestial City)
If a more pompous title exists for a song, I can't think of it. I submit that it's especially high-minded for a track that uses whip cracks and synth beats ripped off Wham! tracks in the deep 80's. But, what do you expect of a tortured genius who was kicked out of Julliard because his stuffy professors didn't share his taste for mixing up electronic beats with the baroque masters? Here's a picture of him not looking pretentious in the least.

I can't find any vestiges of classical influence on this track, but that doesn't mean it's not cool. I am digging it the more I'm listening to it. Unlike most electronic music, it has a tremendous diversity of sounds, rhythms, and riffs. It keeps me interested and keeps my head bopping. Pick it up and feel intellectually superior to all of your friends.

3. Gabby Villanueva - Mundos Diferentes
Wow. From the second this track starts, you're struck by Gabby's voice. It's gorgeously, perfectly pop. It soars. It doesn't hurt that she's downright gorgeous to boot. I can't find much information on her on the web, but she seems like a fantastic mainstream talent.

What next?

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