Jack Johnson can sleep through the static


Jack Johnson has done it again. He's somehow mesmerized us with his beachy, laid-back tunes. And he's got a number one album, on both the Billboard charts, and iTunes. I hear it's also doing quite well in the UK.

At first listen, I think it's a bit more adult and classic than his last album, which contained several whimsical, poppy delights. Sleeping Through the Static has light-hearted tracks too like the first single, "If I Had Eyes", but his songs also touch on bigger issues: war, the deterioration of etiquette in society, and an ultimate dissatisfaction with the beach bum lifestyle that he lives.

It's an excellent listen, both as chill background music for your next party, and as something deeper to investigate closely.

Start with Jack Johnson's "If I Had Eyes" for $.99 at iTunes.

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