Believe: The Bravery's new album at a discount


Hold on. There's an American indie rock band that does better in the UK than in the US? Yup. They're called The Bravery and whatever oversight led to that odd discrepancy will be corrected pretty soon, since the long-due Bravery are finally burning up alternative radio waves with their new album "The Sun and the Moon".

Frankly, it's a bit shocking that The Bravery has flown under the radar for so long, since they clearly have a flair for the dramatic.

In 2005, they got into a huge fight with "The Killers". Brandon Flowers criticized them in the press saying that the Bravery were riding on their coattails, and that anyone who was once in a ska band could not be serious about New Wave music. I assume this means someone in the Bravery played in a ska band?

At the Glastonbury Festival in 2005, their set couldn't be aired on TV, since their bassist decided to take off all of his clothes, play naked, and finish off by jumping into the drumkit.

Then, at an MTV VMA after-party, while sitting with Jay-Z and Ludacris, the drummer jumped up on stage, stole the mic from the MC, and tried to rap over their music. Security rushed him and there was a big fight (the Killers happily jumped in too), and the Bravery were ousted from the party.

Conclusion? They are drama queens. But the music is still pretty groovy. Two songs off the record have hit the top 10 so far: "Believe" and "Time Won't Let Me Go".

The album is a steal right now at $7.99. Pick up "The Sun and The Moon" this week, while it's still on sale.

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