Free TV: American Idol, quarterlife, and more


Lots of good free TV and entertainment on iTunes this week:

1. American Idol - Josiah's Journey (4:30)
Josiah was kind of a weird diva/brat/sweetheart that didn't make American Idol's final round. A whiz with a keyboard, he famously dismissed the band from the stage in his final round of auditions only to kind of suck. It was too bad - he definitely had talent and provided some much needed drama to the show. Check out his journey for free.

2. The Mean Mrs. Dickstein (15:00)
Do you like Sex in the City? Then you should download this free short story on tape, written by Cynthia Nixon. It chronicles some events of her living in New York City, and I believe she narrates it as well. No link for this because Apple is lame. Go to iTunes and search.

3. An Introduction to the 12 Second Sequence (10:00)
Jorge Cruise offers 10 minutes of get-in-shape inspiration.

4. Bakugan - The Battle Begins! (22:15)
Yay for free anime episodes! In Bakugan, Drago must ally with his human friend Dan to eliminate the evil Naga and restore balance to the parallel universe! Awesome!

5. quarterlife - Featurette (9:01)
quarterlife is a new show that depicts the lives of a bunch of 20-somethings living in New York. Yeah, it's Friends with graphic designers.

6. Eli Stone - George Michael Video "Faith" (2:58)
It's only three minutes, but at least it's three minutes with George Michael...

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