Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson duet on "Sky"


I discovered Joshua Radin through Zach Braff a few years ago. I was randomly reading Zach's blog, trying to figure out if he really was dating Mandy Moore or whether it was just rumor, when he mentioned that this guy Josh was the best singer/songwriter he'd ever heard.

This was during the time when I took Zach Braff's musical tastes incredibly seriously. So I checked him out and boy was I glad I did. I was obsessed with his album "We Were Here" for months.

Joshua has a new album coming out soon, and has released an EP with a few early songs on it. When I saw the first track, I nearly died, because if there's anybody I love more than Joshua Radin, it's Ingrid Michaelson. She's the one with the effulgent voice straight out of a 40's jazz club that does the Old Navy commercials with the "Take Me the Way I Am" song. She also has a weird music video with clowns in it.

Anyway, they sing a gorgeous duet called "Sky". Joshua's vocals sound more confident, the production is more lush, but it's still every bit as heart-wrenching as his earlier work. The song itself is adorably retro. I think I'm in love.

What next?

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