Heidi Montag has bad taste in music, men.


If you read the internets at all, it's unlikely that you haven't exposed to the unwatchable horror that is Heidi Montag's first music video. Still, I've posted it above in case you've missed it, or need a reminder on how sad/hysterical/bizarre it is. Your bleeding eyeballs and eardrums can thank me later.

As if that hadn't disturbed us enough, the Hills star has decided this would be a good week to share her favorite songs with us on iTunes. First of all, her playlist features a picture of her in a black bikini holding a garden hose for no discrenable reason (when will this girl just get it over with and do porn?). But that's not the half of it.

The playlist she's accumulated swings back and forth between the tastes of a 12 year old girl and a 60 year old woman. She has Hannah Montana songs, no less than 2 Britney songs, 2 Elvis songs, 2 Elton John songs (no offense, Elton), and of course Jim Jones' "We Fly High" to round it all out. Huh? Isn't compiling a celebrity playlist on iTunes all about showing how *cool* your musical tastes are?

Check out Heidi Montag in all her trainwreck, resplendent glory.

What next?

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