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Usually, we don't cover the free videos on iTunes because in truth, they aren't really very good. They're promos. Previews. To draw you in. They waste your hard drive space.

This week, however, there are a few quality views.

For grown-ups:
1. Lost: Past, Present, and Future (41:25)
It's been 9 months since Lost aired. If you're going to watch Season 4, you'd better watch this and refresh your memory on all of the mysteries you've forgotten existed.

2. The Big Gay Sketch Show (13:49)
Like SNL, but with all gay and lesbian relationships. Sort of funny.

3. My Big Redneck Wedding (21:24)
Since you were a little girl, I'm sure you dreamed of your perfect wedding day: riding in on your ATV with your green John Deere dress on, packing heat and ready to rumble. Wha? Full episode of this strange reality show from CMT.

4. Scott Baio is 46, and Pregnant (40:03)
Full Season 2 premiere from VH1. Mostly consists of Scott Baio sitting in a golf cart, freaking out about his girlfriend being pregnant and how his life is over.

5. Life of Ryan (21:02)
Full Season 1 premiere from MTV. As far as I can tell, Ryan is a skateboarder. But he's also a teenager. That's right: even though he's a skateboarder, he has problems like any other normal kid.

6. Rob & Big (21:29)
Full Season 3 premiere from MTV. Hysterical Rob & Big episode about finding a poop in the pool and sleuthing out who dropped it.

For Kids:
1. Ni Hau, Kai-lan: The Dragonboat Festival (24:05)
Full episode of cute kid's show with singing, dancing, and a smattering of Chinese.

2. A is for Asthma (20:37)
I love Sesame Street, but really? A is for Asthma? Really? Anyway, this is an Elmo focused Sesame Street where he learns what to do when his friend has an asthma attack. Can't wait for "H is for Heimlich"

3. Aprende Con Sesame (Learn along with Sesame - 22:22)
Cool Spanish-only Sesame episode. Great for kids or adults learning spanish, as the spanish is slow and well-articulated. In this episode, they discuss how awesome learning at school is. En espanol, claro. And no, I don't know how to make the swirly thing above the 'n' in my blog. Sorry.

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