Meet our first free iTunes winner


Our first free iTunes winner has finally made himself known. His name is Lyle and he greets us from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii (my favorite place in the entire world).

With his 10 bucks in free iTunes, Lyle plans on buying Christian rock group Mainstay's new album: Become Who You Are (which, serendipitously, is available for $7.99 this week at the iTunes store). Excellent choice for value. He'll have a few bucks leftover to pick up some singles of his choice.

Congratulations, Lyle!

Remember, to sign up for the contest, all you need to do is subscribe to our daily e-mail, or feed. Rules are here. Drawings happen every Friday night. But check your mail! Winners are notified, and have five days to respond. If you don't get back to me, I'll draw another name!

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