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If you haven't seen Flight of the Conchords on HBO, it's a bit difficult to fully describe how entertaining this show is. It's kind of...quietly hysterical.

Basically, two New Zealanders who have a band move to New York to try to make it. They have a single fan, who stalks them mercilessly. Their band manager works at the New Zealand Tourism Bureau and calls attendance at the start of every meeting consisting of the three of them. The curiously side-splitting songs their band writes are interspersed into the episodes.

And their rap names? Hiphopapotamus and Rhymenocerus.

iTunes has a free Podcast promoting Flight of the Conchords that includes a number of the music videos from the show (including the Robots one above), and the video blogs of their crazed fan Mel.

If you want a bit more, iTunes is also offering an EP collection of a number of their best full songs for $5.94.

What next?

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