New Danity Kane album features exorbitant hair extensions, Missy Elliot, and robots.


I won't own up to it. I never watched the P.Diddy "Making the Band" reality show that put Danity Kane together. "Show Stopper" was never a huge guilty pleasure for me. And Aundrea is certainly not my favorite of the group.

Which is why I'm completely neutral and qualified to comment on Danity Kane's new album: "Welcome to the Dollhouse". Pluses here: the album is really well done. The arrangements are complex and interesting. The songs are all danceable and catchy. The first single "Damaged" was voted on by the fans as their favorite new song off the album and features a couple of great hooks. Missy Elliot makes an appearance on "Bad Girl".

Still, part of me mourns every time I hear a Danity Kane song. If you watch the show (which I don't), you know that these girls have legitimately great voices. They are extremely talented. But the way that their vocals are produced, layering on *heavily* the AutoTuner and the digital effects, means that all of the individuality is washed out of their sound. They could be any five hot girls off the street. Or Fembots, for all we know. Is it too much to ask for one song that turns off the vocal effects and lets us hear them raw and real?

Still, I'm digging it. Secretly. Shhh. Don't tell. And pick up Damaged.

What next?

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