Free iTunes Tuesday: Duffy, Madita, and Los Mono


1. Duffy - Mercy
iTunes loves giving us female UK-imports resembling Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, so why not do another one? Mercy has 50's-retro appeal. Duffy's voice is lighter than Winehouse and scratchier than Lily's, but has an appealing quality all of it's own. Definitely one of the best free singles in a while.

2. Madita - Better Brother
If you've liked the Feist and Yael Naim tracks that iTunes has skyrocketed to popularity, chances are you'll also like Madita. Her album swings from ethereal, Portishead-like tracks to Sara Bareilles-like jazz/pop. Very promising new find. It's another must-download.

3. Los Mono - Promesas
Very groovy latin-electro-funk track. To me, it sounds a bit like LCD Soundsystem with latin lyrics. Had me dancing, and didn't once get boring.

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