Death Cab for Cutie is back! And they will possess your heart. Tho' not in a demonic way.


Ben Gibbard's Death Cab for Cutie found mainstream success with their last album, "Plans". Many of their cult fanbase accused them of selling out, and certainly the album was a bit less thoughtful than the quirky work of their past.

It will be interesting then, to see how Death Cab bridges art and mainstream with their upcoming album "Narrow Stairs".

If their first single, "I Will Possess Your Heart" is any indication, they are embracing their art sides all the way. Over eight minutes long, the song has a four minute instrumental introduction. That's right. Four minutes with no vocals. After all, the band is full of master instrumentalists, why not show off what they can do?

It's likely the radio version will cut out those four minutes and get straight to Ben's lovely singing voice and DC's harmonies. But check out the newly released single and see whether you like the new Death Cab.

Pick up Death Cab for Cutie's new single: I Will Possess Your Heart

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