Free iTunes TV: Greek, Life of Ryan


Pretty uninteresting free tv this week, I'm afraid. A few more episodes of things we've seen before, and a bunch of repeats from past weeks.

1. Greek - Pilot (52:22); Black, White, and Read All Over (45:58)
An ABC Family show about being greek in college? I'm sure there will be lots of squeaky-clean drama fun for the whole family. Still, you get two entire free episodes to hook you.

Greek also has about seven 30 minute videos on their casting for each episode, if you want to check that stuff out. The same link above will take you there.

2. America's Prom Queen - Casting Episode (11:10)
Yeah. This is still there, plus a free episode called "Prom Princesses". I'm not really sure why America needs a prom queen, since prom queens are mostly a high school popularity contest. Without standing on the backs of your teenage peers, how vital is a prom queen title anyway? Well, Jai Rodriguez, one of the Queer Eye guys is a judge, so maybe it's worth a peek.

3. Life of Ryan - Flashback (20:58)
A full episode of that Life of Ryan show with the angsty skateboarding kid. I think this is a Season Two clip show with some deleted scenes and stuff.

Sorry it's so sparse. Hopefully next week will be better!

What next?

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carlo said...

Terrific Show!!! The casting is excellent, the actors are about the right age, and they are new and fresh, so that makes them more real. This show practically is about everyone. There are Asian and black frat boys and sorority girls in the show as well.Catch all eps Download Greek Episodes here..