Free TV on iTunes: Pilots for New Amsterdam, Canterbury's Law, and more


Lots of free TV popped up on iTunes this week. Let's have a look:

1. New Amsterdam - Pilot (43:56)
I watched this pilot on TV a couple of weeks ago. The show has gotten great reviews as kind of a Highlander meets CSI. John Amsterdam, the main character, was given a curse by some indian tribe in the 1700's where he can't die until he meets "the one". So he's lived hundreds of years, had multiple wives, sired dozens of kids, and had a gazillion occupations, but he hasn't met her yet.

Then, while chasing a suspect through the subway, he has a heart attack, falls down unconscious, and wakes up in a morgue. Was the "one" somewhere on the subway deck? Unfortunately, we're going to have to survive dozens detective mystery episodes with flashbacks to his early life to find out...

2. Canterbury's Law - Pilot (44:41)
I did not watch this show when it debuted on tv, but I know a few things about it. One, it stars Julianna Marguilles who I always adored on ER. Two, she places a lawyer who is mean to everybody but really good at what she does. Sort of a lawyer equivalent of House, and the polar opposite of Eli Stone. I have a hard time picturing Julianna as a Bia-tch, which is probably why I'll eventually tune in.

3. Greek - Pilot (52:22); Black, White, and Read All Over (45:58)
An ABC Family show about being greek in college? I'm sure there will be lots of squeaky-clean drama fun for the whole family. Still, you get two entire free episodes to hook you.

4. MLB 2008 Season Preview (1 hr); MLB 2008 Fantasy Season Preview (44:10)
MLB.com brings two significant season previews for the upcoming season. Great way to get psyched up for the upcoming season. (Go Indians!)

5. AxMen - Man vs. Mountain (44:12)
Another meaty full episode from the History Channel's series on loggers. I was watching this last night. Men really are men, and many limbs have been lost. It's kind of sad, actually.

What next?

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