Free iTunes Tuesday: Walk Like an Egyptian, R.E.M., and The Kills


Very esoteric week for free iTunes music this week.

1. The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful
My understanding of the Kills is that they are two people who used to be nice, normal, and in unsuccessful bands. So they swore some sort of oath to the devil or something and started over. Their new strategy involved chain smoking and vomiting on stage, never giving press interviews, condemning corporate America, and making some pretty awesome music. Good track. Sounds a bit like Garbage. Grab it.

2. The Puppini Sisters - Walk Like an Egyptian
A 40's jazz-version of the Bangles' 80's hit? ::shrugs:: Why not?

3. R.E.M. - Living Well is the Best Revenge [Video]

R.E.M.'s latest release is getting stunning reviews. I've heard a few tracks and have been floored at how gorgeously angry they are. This video features R.E.M. crammed in a van, driving along a dark highway, playing their instruments acoustically, drumming on the steering wheel, and joyously making harmonies. It's the way that music should be experienced, and it's a joy to watch a band so candidly enjoying each other. I strongly recommend you download this.

4. Karyme Lozano - Ay Ay Ay

This was totally throwaway for me. If you're really into Latin music, grab it. Else, pick up the rest of this week's tracks.

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