Free TV: Medical Mysteries, America's Prom Queen, and more


1. Mystery Diagnosis - Survivors 2006 (40:55)
A baby boy is stricken with nonstop vomiting. A woman drinks three gallons of water night and day. A man who doesn't sweat. This Discovery Channel show looks into some very cool medical mysteries.
2. America's Prom Queen - Casting Episode (11:10)
I'm not really sure why America needs a prom queen, since prom queens are mostly a high school popularity contest. Without standing on the backs of your teenage peers, how vital is a prom queen title anyway? Well, Jai Rodriguez, one of the Queer Eye guys is a judge, so maybe it's worth a peek.
3. Unhitched - Behind the Scenes (9:20)
If you liked Karen from the Office, this is her new series. Did you know that she's apparently dating the guy that plays Jim in real life? In this series, she helps a group of defunct guys get divorces and start to repair their love lives. I think.

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