Free iTunes TV: Green River Killer, Green Power Documentaries


Many of the past week's free TV episodes are still available. But you want to hear about the new ones, right?

1. Capture of the Green River Killer (10:03)
Get a preview of this upcoming Lifetime miniseries, based on the true story of Washington's Green River Killer, and his eventual capture. James Marsters (who played "Spike" on Buffy) is in it. Which makes it totally worth watching.

2. Big Ideas for a Small Planet (25:38)
I'm super into the environment lately. Shrinking my carbon footprint and everything. I've been drawing inspiration from a number of green blogs, and am participating in Earth Hour tonight.
So this award-winning documentary that covers developments in alternative energy that may help us avert the climate crisis is timely, and definitely worth a watch.

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