Heroes Soundtrack is made of awesome, new songs from good bands.


When I clicked on the newly released Heroes Soundtrack, I was pretty surprised what I found there. After all, the show isn't like "Grey's Anatomy", renowned for its music. It has a pretty decent original score, but only a few of those tracks are featured on this album.

Instead, what's on there are a bunch of unique, new songs from some of my favorite bands. Imogen Heap's "Not Now, But Soon" is a highlight. Death Cab for Cutie, The New Pornographers, My Morning Jacket, Nada Surf, Panic at the Disco, and Wilco have new tracks on here as well.

Mix that up with a few great tracks from David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and the Chemical Brothers and it's like listening to the greatest "Heroes"-inspired mix tape that was ever created.

Many iTuners will be annoyed that you can't pick up the singles individually, but IMO that's not as much of an issue when the whole album is this good.

Download the Heroes Soundtrack.

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