If you like Tegan & Sara, you'll like Girl in a Coma


This week's iTunes Editor's Music Choice is a band out of of San Antonio, Texas called "Girl in a Coma". Inspirations here are immediately apparent as the lead singer sounds like a female Morrisey, while the band name draws from the name of a famous Smiths song.

The album is well done top to bottom. Surprisingly sophisticated chord progressions, nearly perfect vocals, fantastic harmonies. I'd start with "Their Cell", my favorite track.

The album, "Both Before I'm Gone" is on sale this week only for $5.99.

What next?

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Anonymous said...

tegan and sara is my fav band

these guys are god but not as good as tegan and sara fersure they arnt as calm

Anonymous said...

yeahhhhh no where near as good as T&S theyre just a couple huge chicks that arent even good

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