Free iTunes Tuesday: Algebra, White, and Antonio


1. Algebra Blessett - Run and Hide
Looking at all of the articles about Miss Algebra Blessett, one can only hope that she really does like math, because her first name has cursed her to a lifetime of punny headlines. Even the bio on her website says things like "Ironically there are no textbooks or classroom instructions that could help one balance the equations of Kedar Massenburg's newest protege, ALGEBRA."

Poor Algebra. Listening to her album though, you can definitely start to imagine that she is the next big thing in R&B. Her flow is effortless, it reminds me a bit of a cross between Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu.

Sample her free track, and then consider picking up full album for the bargain of $6.99.

2. Time On Your Side - Emily Jane White
Emily Jane White is one of those rare folk singers that can really depress you. Her voice sounds a bit like Beth Orton, but on her website she mentions how most of her songs are about "isolation". Let's examine her lyrics.

Not much to do
When you've got time on your side.
You sit and think about your wasted life.
I try to move to change things through and through, hoo hoo.

Well, I'm thoroughly depressed. Let's move on.

3. Vengo Venenoso - Antonio Carmona
Excellent Flamenco track. Wanna dance?

What next?

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Angela Bassett released an album?!?