Free TV: The Riches, The Paper


1. The Paper - Race For Editor-In-Chief (20:24)
The Paper is a new MTV reality show about a bunch of journalism students putting out their school paper. I haven't watched the full episode, but in the preview I saw on tv, there was a chick with glasses singing really loudly and that was pretty annoying. But hey, it's 20 minutes of faux-reality from MTV, and maybe it will be the next Hills.

2. The Riches - Various Clips (under 2 minutes)
I'm obsessed with the Riches. Such a good show. Basically, Eddie Izzard (who is my favorite!) and Minnie Driver are Irish con-men that are released from prison, and then happen to get in a car accident with a very wealthy couple called "The Riches". The Riches are killed, so they assume their identities, including freakily good southern accents. Definitely worth checking out.

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