Free iTunes Tuesday: Cut Copy, Flavio Cianciarulo


1. Cut Copy - Lights & Music
I'm ridiculously pleased that this is the free song of the week, since I was prepping an article on Cut Copy anyway. They released their new album, "In Ghost Colours" last week and tempted by the $6.99 price and great review in Spin Magazine, I downloaded. It is love.

Cut Copy's unique sound mixes elements of indie rock and dance music, and the result sounds like the soundtrack to the most raging, awesome party that you've ever wanted to throw. If you listened to New Order in the 80's, you get the general gist.

The free track and first single, "Lights & Music" is cool, but my favorite track on the album is "Feel the Love". I guarantee that it'll be showing up in a car commercial sometime soon.

So grab "Lights and Music" today for free, and if you like it, I strongly urge you to grab the whole album for $6.99.

2. SeƱor Flavio - Mandita
I am told that Mister Flavio, aka Flavio Cianciarulo, "is a founding member of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, one of the greatest rock bands on any continent, from any era." This track in particular is supposed to explore 80's rock, a la UB40.

I like the overall track which is upbeat and poppy with lots of hurried rhythmic lyrics. But then this rather scary man who is apparently in third-stage emphysema pops up and starts yelling angrily for the kids to get off his lawn. Or at least, that's what it sounds like. It's in Spanish, I can't tell. It's not for me, but maybe you'll enjoy it...

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