Paula Abdul + Randy Jackson = Suprisingly Not Terrible.


When I first heard that Paula Abdul was staging a comeback, I ran to the internet to ascertain whether pigs, had in fact, sprouted wings and were spotted zooming through the skies. No such luck. The internet only confirmed the rumors. My skin began to crawl and I began sweating profusely. I could smell disaster on the horizon.

My fear was rooted in my experience last year watching the reality show "Hey, Paula!". Anybody who saw that show could only conclude that Paula Abdul was a slightly more advanced-in-age nutjob than Brittany Spears. And we all know what happened with Brittany's "comeback..."

But I should have known better. Paula's American Idol handlers would never let her do something that would cast a negative light on the show. And in fact, the first single, "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow", is out and it's...shockingly good.

Sure, it's so heavily produced (by none other than Mr. Randy Jackson), you can't really hear Paula's voice. There's auto-tuner on every note, but I suppose you could argue it's stylistic. It's catchy and danceable, and still somehow keeps some of the essence of Paula's music from the 80's.

Grab "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" now before Paula debuts it at the Superbowl next Sunday!

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