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Everybody needs to get those oldies but goodies into their mp3 collection. Those songs that you grew up with, danced to in front of the mirror, and would secretly still like to dance to in front of the mirror.

In honor of that spirit, iTunes is having a $7.99 sale for a large number of their Greatest Hits albums. What's good about this? Two things:
1. Greatest Hits albums have lots of rad songs on them, so there is a high awesomeness:crap ratio. And,
2. Greatest Hits albums have TONS of songs on them. Usually 15-18. Meaning that you're getting a great value for your money.

Here are some of the highlights of the sale that I would recommend:

1. U218 Singles - U2
I cannot emphasize enough what a great deal this is. Not only are you getting U2's 18 top hits, but 10 other songs as well, including 9 live tracks. That's 28 U2 songs for $7.99. I call that value for money.

And don't tell me that you don't need U2. Everybody needs U2. Sure, 15 years ago you collected all of the cds, but along the way your car got broken into and they were stolen, or there was a tragic accident involving a dog, or after getting super emo after a bad break-up, you listened to 'With or Without You' on repeat for 43 hours straight and your cd player imploded, cd still inside.

Plus, Bono will just give the proceeds of the album purchase to Africa or something. So it's practically giving to charity and getting great music in return. C'mon. You need it. You know it.

2. Journey's Greatest Hits
Journey is one of those bands that nobody pretends to like, and then you open their car doors and "Just a small town girl, livin' in a lone-ly wo-ooorld. She took the midnight train goin' ehhn-eeee-where..." comes blaring out. And you get in the car, reseal the doors, and join them in air guitar for the next four glorious minutes.

Seriously, this album is so guilty-pleasure good that it pangs my heart strings. 16 tracks, among them: Don't Stop Believing, Any Way You Want It, Open Arms, Faithfully, and more sheer awesomeness.

Other Highlights:

  • Best band of the 90's: Smashing Pumpkins' Greatest Hits
  • My first introduction to David Bowie was in the movie Labryinth, with giant hair and tight, bulging spandex pants. My eyes took years to heal. But turns out he makes some great music too: Best of Bowie
  • Yeah, you know 'Man on the Moon', but if you haven't fallen in love to 'NightSwimming', you don't really know REM yet: REM's Greatest Hits
  • Listen to the chord progression of a train wreck in action: Britney Spears' Greatest Hits
  • I only recently got into the Cure. There's something timelessly cool about them: The Cure Greatest Hits

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