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There's pretty much no chance that you haven't heard OneRepublic's smash hit: Apologize. It's been all over the air waves this winter. I'm sure you were, like myself, captured instantly by the soaring vocals of lead vocalist Ryan Tedder. His last name is Tedder? How cute is that? With those little chubby cheeks he absolutely could be a chubby teddy bear.

I digress. OneRepublic blew up on MySpace this year, and then blew up even further under the arm of Timberland. Personally, I think their raw track sounds way better than the Timberland remix, but judge for yourself. What I'm here to talk about is the album.

The album is really amazing. If you like The Fray, Coldplay, and Maroon 5, OneRepublic has a knack of mixing some of the most striking features of each of these bands: the wunderkind pianist, the soaring falsetto, and the funky soulfulness.

Listening through, you'll cycle through getting goosebumps and getting pumped up. The entire record rockets with cathartic release.

And get this: iTunes has it on sale for $7.99! That's $2 less than amazon and $5 less than you'll pay in the store. In addition to 13 great tracks, you'll get 3 music videos and a digital booklet with pics of the band.

Get OneRepublic for $7.99 at iTunes today!

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