Jeremy Fisher makes good music, weird videos.


As we countdown towards more free music on iTunes, indulge me in bringing you something a little bit different.

I was first exposed to Jeremy Fisher via a Paste Magazine CD Sampler featuring the song "The Scar that Never Healed". The track went into my car where I played it for three straight months, fiercely loving all of its quirky boppiness, and then promptly forgot about it.

I was then reminded of Jeremy Fisher again in seeing his video for "Cigarette" on YouTube. The guy literally spent hours moving around a little play-doh cigarette. That kind of effort and dedication is worth some kind of reward, so I checked out his album on iTunes.

I was thrilled with what I found. First off, the album is great. Jeremy vocally delivers a bit like Tom Petty, but over super-happy, poppy, guitar-picking goodness. He can build up your heart, and then break it all over again with equal fervor. I enjoy every track.

But best of all, the album is only $5.99 on iTunes. I can't imagine why: it's $12.98 at Amazon. But it's a fantastic deal. Plus, you get two more awesomely homespun music videos from Jeremy's strange and fantastic brain.

Pick up Jeremy Fisher's "Goodbye, Blue Monday" today for only $5.99.

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