Katherine Heigl's husband has shape-shifting abilities, reasonably priced album


Josh Kelley is a fairly new artist on the scene, probably known more for his marriage to Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl than for any meaningful music contributions thus far.

But things seem to be falling in place for Josh Kelley. He's got the trendy Converse sneaks, he's got his hot wife in his music video, and he's just released a pretty catchy album with mainstream appeal.

Since it's release date on 1/17, "Special Company" has been hanging out in the iTunes top 10 albums, so I decided to check it out.

The album is incredibly versatile. Josh is a veritable musical chameleon. There are some moments when I would swear I was listening to John Mayer with breathy vocals and impeccably picked guitar. Then suddenly he's straddling his guitar like a rock demi-god and wailing impossibly high notes. He shifts again, his voice light, and jazzy, trilling out warbling falsetto like no one's business. Blink, and he's channeling country harmonies and twang.

Time will tell if this tremendous versatility serves to make Josh a superstar, or simply confuses his listeners. But the diversity of the album will keep you intrigued and listening. And it's a steal at $7.99 on iTunes.

Pick up Josh Kelley's "Special Company" for $7.99.

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