Kate Nash uses mouthwash, breaths out fresh tracks


From across the Atlantic, waterskiing in the wake of Lily Allen, comes Kate Nash. Her two singles, "Foundation" and "Mouthwash" are everywhere right now.

Though she shares a country of origin with Miss Lily Allen, musically Kate Nash seems to share more in common with Regina Spektor. She plays piano brilliantly. Her music has humor, irony, spunk, spirit, and a knack for capturing the angsty joy of young adulthood. Plus: her accent is irresistible.

Her debut album "Made of Bricks" opened as #1 in the UK. In it she sings about dickheads and discos, trainers and tarts. The stories she weaves are true-to-life, and frenetically fun.

Made of Bricks is $7.99 on iTunes right now. Great deal for a universally acclaimed #1 album. Get it now before the price goes up.

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