Free Music Tuesday: Adam Gregory, Asa, Doctor Krapula


Three songs, one music vid this week.

1. Aṣa- Jailer

Aṣa (pronounced Asha) is a great artist hailing from the new wave of Nigerian hip-hop. The song itself has a timeless feel, reinterpreting that old adage of reaping what you sow. Asa is huge in Africa these days, and is starting to get her music heard in the US. Definitely worth checking out.

2. Adam Gregory - Crazy Days

I'm not a huge country music fan, but I acknowledge that there is good country and bad country. Johnny Cash, good country. I'd even admit Carrie Underwood sometimes forces me to grudgingly acknowledge that maybe all country music doesn't rupture my ear drums.

Adam Gregory is so boring, I'm not even willing to classify him as bad country. He's more "meh" country. "Crazy days" is a pretty harmless pop song with a little twang thrown in. I think it's the ludicrous music video that makes me crazy. He has to leave his beautiful girlfriend to drive across Florida in a giant Hummer SUV and then his own private yacht, and this makes him so sad. Lame.

3. Mister Danger - Doctor Krapula

The track is fine, I guess. En español. I would recommend downloading it just because you can't not have a song in your collection from a band called "Doctor Krapula". That's just made of win. I wonder if Krapula means something different in spanish?

4. Someone Like You - SafetySuit

This download is a music video. The video alternates between a girl running and the band playing on a beach. Not exactly cinematic excellence.

The band is a standard alt-rock group from Oklahoma making their chart debut with a song about unrequited love. The lead singer has a more emotive voice than most standard rock bands (Nickelback: I'm subtlely dissing your gritty monotone), so it's a nice track to have in your collection.

What next?

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