Free Music: 1/20/2009


It's Inaugural Week, so why not celebrate our multicultural society with some free iTunes?

1. Stop the Clock - Jean

This week's first featured track, "Stop the Clock" comes in both English and Spanish flavors, both of them in yummy soulicious stylings. The artist, Jean, goes by one name, but actually legally holds claim to five as Jean Carlos Rodríguez López-Cepero. While the clock ticking as percussion in the background is a bit literal, I'm digging Jean's silky voice. Overall, a good track in any language.

Check out Jean's album.

2. My Love Sees You - Beni
Beni the Australian producer was one half of the duo Riot, and is now on his own with this sweet disco-meets-electronica track. Squishy goodness.

3. Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie
I thought this was the highlight of the week. We don't often see music videos for free, and this one was particularly charming stop-motion animation with a very sweet accompanying track. A must-download for those of you that have bandwidth and gigabytes to burn.

As far as Oren Lavie, he makes stunning music. I just picked up his album last week. His chord progressions are complex, his arrangements are rich, his vocals quiet but laden with rich, unexpected harmonies. I find myself sinking into the quiet intensity of this album with pleasure.

Definitely a rare pleasure to find such a gem. Check out Oren's album here.

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