Great Alternative Rock Albums for $7.99 and less!


1. The National - Boxer - $7.99
People I know have called this the best album of 2007. It may not grab you on first listen, but when the album reluctantly opens up to you, you will marvel at its beauty. Spend some time with the lyrics, and you will marvel at how they reflect you. Put it on when you're driving on a dark road late at night and marvel in the instant appropriateness.

2. Regina Spektor - Fidelity - $7.99
You've probably heard a few of the songs from Regina's breakthrough album: Begin to Hope. Many of Regina's fans also adore her prior album: Fidelity, where Regina really started to come into her own.

If you haven't heard Regina, it's a bit difficult to describe. She is unique. You can compare her to Fiona Apple, but you have to replace moody angst with whimsical glee. You can compare her to Tori Amos, but you have to replace ugly crazy with adorable smarts. Her Russian/Jewish heritage are an important part of her work, as is her classical music background, but she wraps it all in a package that is fresh, accessible, quirky, and profound.

Highlights include: "Us", a dreamy tiptoe through the clouds that stunningly turns out to be about the fall of the Soviet Empire, "Somedays" and "Ode to Divorce" which will both tug at your heartstrings, and the irrepressible "Sailor Song" where Regina screeches out "Marianne's a bitch" and we still find her enchanting.

3. We the Kings - We the Kings - $5.99
I don't know much about We Are the Kings. They are opening for Boys and Girls and Metro Station on the road, and I like both of those bands, so that's a good sign. They sound pretty tight for a new band, reminding me of a younger Jimmy Eat World, or of their touring partners, Boys and Girls. Armed with tight harmonies, shaggy hair, and youth on their side, these guys could be going somewhere. It's a great deal, so pick it up if you're young and into new music.

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