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There are always some great albums on sale for $7.99 on iTunes every week, but this week they are having an awesomely vast sale on classic albums that everybody should have in their music collection.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Sublime - Sublime

Unfortunately, they aren't making any Sublime albums anymore. And this 17-track album with summertime masterpieces like 'Santeria', 'What I Got', and 'The Wrong Way' is just an unstoppable force for rad.

2. Late Registration - Kanye West

It makes me feel old to call out Kanye's Late Registration as a classic album. After all, it only came out eight years ago. But it is a classic already, isn't it? For a starter, 21 tracks for 7.99 is a pretty good deal, but then you get hits like 'Touch the Sky', 'Heard 'Em Say', and 'Gold Digger'. Will any of us ever listen to Gold Digger in the same way now that Kanye has procreated with Kim K?

3. August and Everything After - Counting Crows

If you were born in the 90's, you might think of Counting Crows as an old-school band that your parents listen to. And you'd be right. But back in 1993 when this album came out, it rocked the world of everybody who listened to it. Give 'Anna Begins' a try. Listen to the lyrics. If you hate it, don't get the album, but I very much doubt that will happen.

Dozens more classic albums are for sale on iTunes right now! Give it a look:

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